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What does gambling cost you? Stop in time! 18+

We are dedicated to providing our players with a safe environment where responsible gambling is paramount. In line with the motto of the Kansspelautoriteit, What does gambling cost you? Quit on time! 18+”, gambling should be merely a source of fun and entertainment. We strive to ensure that all our players have a positive experience on our website. That said, we offer several tools and support options for our players who have (had) a negative experience.

Help and Information

If you need help, advice or support, we encourage you to seek out any of the below organisations and institutions. Here at, we have several mandatory and voluntary tools for our players which are highlighted further on this page. Please contact our customer service team if you need any assistance on using our tools.

  • Gambling Counter
    • The Gambling Counter (“Loket Kansspel”) is an organisation set up by the government where you, friends or family can seek help, 24 hours a day. The organisation also offers information on various topics and tools you can use, including a self-test. Visit: LoketKansspel for more information or a chat, Call: +31 (0) 800 24 000 22 or Whatsapp: +31 (0)6 598 183 3.
  • Foundation AGO
    • The foundation AGOG (Stichting AGOG), of which the abbreviation translates to “Anonymous Gamblers Environment (meaning, friends and family of) Gamblers”, is a self-help organisation that organises anonymous self-help meetings throughout the country for people who experience gambling problems. Visit: Stichting AGOG website or Call: +31 (0) 800 2277722.
  • Gamblers Anonymous Netherlands
  • Hervitas, specialists in gaming and gambling addiction
    • Hervitas is a gambling and gaming addiction institution. Visit: Hervitas, Call: +31 (0) 30 210 2641, or Email: [email protected].
  • Suicide Prevention
    • To talk about suicidal thoughts (anonymously) Visit 113, Call +31 (0)800 0113, or Call: 113.
  • Private Support
    • Private clinics are available, visit: Ibiza Calm.

Frame of mind

Gambling is a form of entertainment and it should always be your choice to gamble. We encourage you to gamble when your mindset allows you to fully enjoy your time with us. We recommend that you do not gamble when,

  • You are recovering from a negative experience with gambling, or gambling addiction;
  • If you are drinking or using substances;
  • On medications that can
    • Make you forgetful
    • Make you drowsy
    • Make you prone to mood swings
    • Make you alter your thought process or decision making
  • Experience stress or discomfort in your personal life, such as;
    • Mental health
    • Negative relationships or friendships, or loss of one
    • Loss of a job/education/career
    • Life altering events
  • If you no longer have fun, no longer see gambling as a leisure activity, or if you are trying to win your money back;
  • If you experience financial difficulties.

If you feel any of the examples apply to you, we encourage you to speak with a professional such as a GP, and to reach out to any of the organisations and institutions listed on this page.


At we encourage you to work with us to help you manage your activity in a way that is responsible and works for you as an individual. We have a range of tools available that we encourage you to use if you feel that you may need them.


To gamble on our website, you have to set three mandatory limits at registration. These limits are important to protect yourself. The limits can be manually adjusted, a decrease in your limits will take place immediately, an increase will be in effect after seven days.

  • Time limit per day, week or month
    • The time limit is a limit on the amount of time you would like to be online for, this can be per day, week or month. If you reach your limit before the end of the day, week or month, you will have to wait until the day, week, or month has passed.
  • Deposit limit per day, week or month
    • The deposit limit is the amount you would like to have and use on your gambling account. If you reach your limit before the end of the day, week or month, you will have to wait until the day, week, or month has passed.
  • Maximum balance
    • This is the maximum balance available on gambling account which is at your disposal to use. The maximum balance consists of your deposits and any wins. Any amount exceeding your maximum balance will be withdrawn to your bank account.

Reality Checks

At we conduct Reality Checks. If needed we will pop up with a reality check to make you aware, for example, of your session time.

  • Time planner
    • Plan your off-time schedule here. You can prevent yourself from betting on a specific day or during specific times. This can be one-off or recurring.


Self-exclusion on

A self exclusion from the 777 website can be for a period of 1 day to 6 months or indefinitely. You will be unable to play.

Game Exclusions

Any player can choose to exclude from a game type for a period of 1 day to 6 months . You will be able to continue playing games that are not part of the game type you excluded for.

Closing your account

Any player can choose to close their account. Please contact our customer service team if you wish to do so.


If you feel you might be spending too much money or time gambling, why not do a self-assessment?

The Loket Kansspel website has several tests available to help you understand your gambling habits. It only takes a few minutes to complete.

Take the self-test


Cruks a tool for you to use in order to self-exclude nationally, from all licensed online and land-based operators. Visit: Inschrijven in Cruks - Kansspelautoriteit, or Visit: Centraal Register Uitsluiting Kansspelen (

Third parties, such as family, friends, employers or operators, can register a player in Cruks. Visit: Een ander inschrijven in Cruks - Kansspelautoriteit.

Protection of Minors

The law prohibits minors, persons under the age of 18, to gamble in the Netherlands. We have taken all reasonable and necessary measures to prevent minors from registering and playing on our website.

We encourage registered players to take additional measures to protect anyone under their care. Visit: Gratis Ouderlijk Toezicht Software & Apps Downloaden ( for a list of tools you can use.

Furthermore, we advise that you do not allow minors unsupervised access to your electronic device while logged into your 777 account; for minor to partake in any (online) gambling related activities; and to inform those in your care on how to handle personal data and computers responsibly.

If you suspect or are made aware that a minor has access to a 777 account, please inform our customer service team.

Behavioural Indicators

Now and then, we may review a player’s gambling activity, as well as the information they register with. This is to get a better understanding of how our players use the site and to identify where potential assistance/communication is required to prevent addiction. This does also mean that we may attempt to contact our players to discuss their activities and ask a few questions.

Information in relation to an account, its activity with us or interactions around it, is confidential and protected by GDPR laws. We use the information to provide assistance and support to our customers, not to share with outside organisations. For more information on how we handle your data, please see the sites “Privacy Policy

Potential Signs of Problem Behaviour

There are certain markers of harm that can indicate a player may be suffering from gambling problems, without it being a gambling addiction. Certain markers of harm that we look out for, can be:

  • Increased spending of funds
  • Increased spending of time
  • Change in attitude while gambling (Getting angry, irritated, frustrated, sad, depressed)
  • Gambling at different/unusual times, to their norm
  • Loss chasing
  • Chasing winnings
  • Gambling until funds are gone
  • Staking larger amounts
  • Lying to others about your gambling.

Markers of harm are not limited to the above list. If you recognise any of these in yourself or you feel you may have a problem with gambling, we recommend that you utilise the tools that are available on site, as well as the variety of support services available online. It is never too late to get help, before it becomes an addiction.

You can find a full list of the tools we offer above, as well as some of the third-party support services available to our players.

Risks of Gambling Addiction

Like any form of addiction, there are many potential negative impacts that can be associated with a gambling addiction. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Not being able to control/stop
  • Loss of relationships
  • Loss of job/education
  • Financial debt
  • Loss of accommodation
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Impacts on your mental health
  • Impacts on your physical health

If you have any concerns or questions around gambling addiction, we recommend that you speak to one of the many organisations listed above to find the right help. Even if an addiction has been identified, there are still steps you can take and services that can help you with your recovery.

We do not offer nor recommend that players who are suffering with a gambling addiction create/use any gambling accounts. Should we identify a player with an addiction, or who is suffering from excessive participation that can not be managed through the tools we offer, we will close any relevant accounts and decline further business.

For any further information and support, please contact our Customer Support team via chat, email or telephone. Click here to speak to them today!