Bonus information offers casino players the opportunity to benefit from various bonus promotions. We will explain what bonuses are, when you can get them, and under which conditions.

Please note that you may be excluded from bonuses under certain circumstances, for example when you are not yet 24 years old or because a certain bonus restriction has been placed on your account. In such cases, you will usually not receive an offer from us, and access to the bonus account will be limited.

Claiming a bonus

Each bonus must first be claimed by a player. This way, you are always aware that you are going to play with a bonus, and you indicate that you actually want the bonus – so you can always play consciously and well informed!

You can claim a bonus as follows:

  1. open the cash register;
  2. go to "Bonus account";
  3. accept the bonus in the "Click & Claim" section.

If you don’t have an active bonus yet, the bonus will be added to your balance immediately. If you still have an active bonus, your bonus will go into the queue. The new bonus will be added to your balance once the existing bonus has been wagered. Below you can read more about what wagering is exactly.

If you have multiple bonuses in the queue, the least recent bonuses will always be added to your balance first.

Do you have a bonus code? You can also claim these via the bonus account in the cashier, in the separate section. You enter the code and then click on the confirmation button. Your bonus will be added to your balance straight away or will be queued, exactly as explained above.

Types of bonuses

Deposit bonus: this bonus is awarded to a player following a deposit. For example, if you make a deposit, you may receive a percentage, for example 50%, on top of your deposit amount. If you would deposit € 50 in this case, you would receive € 25 extra (50% of € 50), and you can play with a balance of € 75. It can also be a fixed amount, for example € 5 on your deposit, regardless of the deposit amount.

Instant bonus: these are bonuses that you receive immediately. In most cases it’s a bonus code, and sometimes they’re already present in the Click & Claim section.

Right to a bonus

In principle, for all types of bonuses, you as a player must be eligible for bonuses, so you are not excluded. You must also meet the specific conditions of the promotion. The right to award bonuses is reserved at all times to We cannot guarantee that you will be eligible for any bonus offer, even if you have been informed by us through a marketing communication.

Validity of bonuses

For each bonus, there is a certain timeframe within which the bonus must be claimed. This is always stated in the bonus terms and conditions. After the expiry date, a bonus can no longer be claimed.

Once you have claimed a bonus, it, and any winnings from the bonus, it will remain active for 30 days. If the bonus has not been wagered by then, both the bonus and the winnings will be removed from the player balance.

Cancelling a bonus

A bonus can be cancelled early by a player via the bonus account. Please note that cancelling a bonus cannot be reversed, and you will remove both the bonus and bonus winnings from your account for good.

It is not possible to keep an active bonus when your cash balance is paid out. This is because it can otherwise lead to abuse of bonuses. Some players might be tempted to claim a bonus, then cash out their own money before wagering. In such a case, you will always receive a notification in advance, so that you can choose whether to continue playing or have your money paid out.

Wagering requirement

In most cases, a bonus has a certain wager requirement (also known as a “play-through requirement”). This refers to the number of times a bonus must be wagered during gameplay before any winnings are added to your cash balance.

For example, you received a € 10 bonus with a wager requirement of 30 times. You manage to wager at least an amount of € 300 with this bonus and then win € 100. This € 100 will then go into your cash balance, because you have met the wagering requirements. Please note that the original bonus amount, in this case € 10, will remain in the bonus balance until the validity of this bonus expires. The wager requirement of a particular bonus will always be stated in the terms and conditions of a promotion.

Wager by game type

The contribution to the wager requirement of a bonus varies by game type:

Slots: 100%, so the amount wagered will fully count towards the wager requirement.

Example € 50 bonus

Bonus amount wagered on a slot game: € 5

Amount that contributes to the wager requirement: € 5

Wager requirement before wagering: € 50

Wager requirement after wagering: € 45

Live Games except Live Roulette and Live BlackJack, Roulette, blackjack: 10%, so the amount wagered counts for one tenth of the wagering requirement.

Example € 50 bonus

Bonus amount wagered on a roulette: € 5

Amount contributing to the wagering requirement: €0.50

Wager requirement before wagering: € 50

Wager requirement after wagering: € 49.50

In other words, wagering a bonus is ten times faster on a slot machine than on a roulette game, for example.

When you wager your bonus

If you have an active bonus, you will wager your different credits while playing as follows:

  1. Bonus winnings: if your balance consists of bonus winnings, you’ll be the first to wager these while playing. Everything you win with these bets will be added to your bonus winnings. Should you manage to wager your bonus until the wager requirement is met, the bonus winnings will be added to your cash balance.
  2. Cash: if you have no bonus winnings (anymore), your bets will be deducted from your cash balance. Winnings will first be topped up to the original amount in the cash balance before counting towards the bonus winnings.
  3. Bonus balance: if there is no cash balance left, you play with the original bonus balance. If you win, the bonus balance is topped up first, then the cash balance, and finally the winnings count as bonus winnings. Each wager contributes to achieving the wager requirement.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about bonuses after reading the above, please feel free to contact our customer service. We’re happy to help!