American Roulette VIP
American Roulette VIP

American Roulette VIP

American Roulette VIP

Do you fancy a roulette game with a little more challenge? Then American Roulette VIP is the place to be. As the name suggests, this game follows the American model, meaning there are two green zeros in the game. In European roulette, there is only one. The extra zero gives the casino extra chances of winning than in European roulette. So just a little more exciting!

American Roulette VIP is a VIP version of the game, allowing for higher bets than in most standard roulette games. This roulette game has a pleasantly clear and simple design and a regular horizontal layout.

How to play American Roulette VIP

You can play this game with a Casino777 account or an account at another online casino. Once you are logged in, you can look up the game and open it.

At the bottom of your play screen you will see six chips with different values from 1 to 100. Above them is a roulette table showing all the numbers and betting options. Click on the desired chip and place it where you want to bet that the ball will land on it. When you are ready to play, click the Play button.

American Roulette VIP Features and Benefits

American Roulette VIP works in the same way as traditional roulette. There are 38 slots on the roulette table and wheel, with the two green zero slots counting as 0 and 00. This is because American roulette has two green slots instead of one. The casino automatically wins if the ball lands on one of these zeros.

You can place several variations, including multiple and single bets, among others. A single bet involves individual numbers, and with a multiple you can bet on different combinations of numbers. In addition, there are of course other options such as red or black, even or odd and betting on a column.

The Views button allows you to switch views. The traditional view shows the roulette table as you are used to. When you switch views, the table changes into a kind of racetrack shape. This is convenient as it offers more overview and the difference in setup allows for more bets. In this game, those are red splits and black splits.

Mobile Experience

All Gaming1 games are completely compatible with mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, and this also applies to American Roulette VIP. It doesn't matter which device you play on for the gaming experience, as the visual quality and features are always the same. Moreover, when you play on mobile, the display adapts to your screen.

American Roulette VIP Real Money

To play American Roulette VIP with real money, you need an account at Casino777 or another online casino. Deposit an amount into your account to use as betting money. Be aware of the betting limit and bet responsibly.

Quick facts

  • Release date: 2017-01-20
  • Software: Gaming1
  • Bet range: 1-800
  • RTP: 94.74%
  • Maximum win: n/a
  • Volatility: n/a.
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    Can I play American Roulette VIP if I'm not a VIP?

    If you want, you can! The VIP variant of a game allows higher bets than the 'regular' version, making it suitable for people who like to play with larger sums of money. Other than that, the game works exactly the same as its non-VIP counterpart.

    What is the RTP of American Roulette VIP?

    Roulette has an RTP of 94.74%, which is just slightly above average for American roulette.

    Can I play American Roulette VIP for free?

    Yes, American Roulette VIP is available for free in the demo version. It has the same features, bets and layout as the paid version, but without real money.