777 Blackjack 1
777 Blackjack 1

777 Blackjack 1

777 Blackjack 1

777 Blackjack 1, also known as Blackjack Live, is a live variant of the well-known game of Blackjack. Do you dare? Take a seat at the virtual table and try to beat the dealer, using side bets. You play with seven other players, who are portrayed using CGI, such as what bets they place and the value of their cards. There is one camera filming the blackjack table, which is more than enough for this game.

How to play 777 Blackjack 1

Start up the game and choose a live blackjack table that suits your budget. You can choose from different tables that play with different types of bets. Once you've made your choice, take a seat at one of the seven seats. If there is no room, you can use the Bet Behind option where you join one of the players at the table. So you don't bet with your own hand, but join the other player's bets.

Once the game starts, you are dealt two cards. The dealer is always on 17. If a player is playing on Blackjack, he is paid out 3 to 2. Based on the value of your hand, you can then choose to hit or stand. Your goal is to achieve a card value higher than your dealer's without going over 21.

777 Blackjack 1 Features and Benefits

In 777 Blackjack 1, you can place additional bets such as perfect pair and 21 + 3. The perfect pair bets pay up to 25:1 on a mixed, coloured or perfect pair.

With the 21+3 extra bet, you can get a payout from 5:1 to 100:1. For this, however, you must get a straight, flush, three-of-a-kind, straight flush or suited trips. Both extra bets include your first cards and the dealer's up card. The extra bets do not count towards the final result in the main game.

Besides the hit or stand options, you can also double, split or place an insurance bet in the basic game. When doubling, you receive one card. You can split on two cards of the same value, after which you can place an additional bet and play with two separate hands. An insurance bet does not come without a price tag either. It costs you half your bet, but can yield a payout of 2:1.

777 Blackjack 1 Mobile Experience

Since Blackjack Live is streamed, the game is accessible on any device. You can participate on your mobile, tablet or laptop. The video quality is excellent on any device and the gaming experience does not differ in quality.

777 Blackjack 1 Real Money

777 Blackjack 1 can only be played with real money. Keep in mind that this game can lead to big losses and it is mainly intended for experienced players.

Quick Facts

  • Developer: Evolution Gaming
  • Minimum bet: 5.00.
  • Maximum bet: 1,000
  • RTP: 99.29%
  • Blackjack payouts: 3:2
  • Additional bets: Perfect Pairs and 21+3

Similar games to 777 Blackjack Live

Games similar to 777 Blackjack 1 include Blackjack VIP or Blackjack Silver G. These are also live versions of the Blackjack game with a live dealer. Want to try other games live as well? For a similar experience but with roulette, for example, check out Immersive Roulette.


Can I play 777 Blackjack 1 for free?

No, unfortunately you cannot as it is a game played live. If you want to practice the Blackjack game for free before taking on the challenge in a live version, you can find other variants on the internet for this purpose.

What is the RTP of 777 Blackjack Live 1?

The RTP of this live blackjack game is 99.29%.

What is the payout of 777 Blackjack 1?

The overall payout is 3:2, and an insurance bet can get you a payout of 2:1.